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made by Jonas Matton and Martin Granberg
(Last update: November 26, 2010)

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What is GPL Replay Analyser?

GPL Replay Analyser is a program with which you can load up your Grand Prix Legends (made by Papyrus) replays and analyse/compare driving lines and different kinds of "telemetry". You can replay the races to see how it developed and generate race, practice reports and various statistics.

You can select up to five different laps. It doesn't matter if the driver of the lap is a local human, AI-car, multiplayer human nor in what kind of session the lap was set. GPL Replay Analyser supports all tracks.

Furthermore you'll find lots of different tools and features in GPL Replay Analyser, see below for more details.

What does GPL Replay Analyser cost?

GPL Replay Analyser is free of charge for non-commercial use.

Main features in GPL Replay Analyser are:

punkt.gif (927 bytes) Trackview with:

punkt.gif (927 bytes) Telemetry graphs:

punkt.gif (927 bytes) Record Export:

punkt.gif (927 bytes) Reports(formerly included in the program GPLReport):

punkt.gif (927 bytes) Other stuff - such as:

Screenshots and examples

punkt.gif (927 bytes) Overview of Replay file (Choose Lap Dialog)
punkt.gif (927 bytes) Track map view for analysing/comparing driving lines
punkt.gif (927 bytes) Track map view for replaying races
punkt.gif (927 bytes) Telemetry graph
punkt.gif (927 bytes) Lap Finder
punkt.gif (927 bytes) Track Organizer
punkt.gif (927 bytes) GPLRank Calculator
punkt.gif (927 bytes) GPLRank Calculator (new version found under PB-viewer)
punkt.gif (927 bytes) Traction Circle
punkt.gif (927 bytes) Speedtrack
punkt.gif (927 bytes) Ratings
punkt.gif (927 bytes) PB Viewer
punkt.gif (927 bytes) Example of merged replay with the 5 fastest laps we could find at Mosport
punkt.gif (927 bytes) Example of printed Telemetry Graph

Report Special:

This section shows some of the reports GPL Replay Analyser can generate from the replay:
(Examples taken from one Masters Of GPL Grand Prix)

punkt.gif (927 bytes) Report Site

punkt.gif (927 bytes) Practice Report (Exported to text)
punkt.gif (927 bytes) Race Report (Exported to text)
punkt.gif (927 bytes) Mechanical Report (Exported to text)
punkt.gif (927 bytes) Graphical Race Report
punkt.gif (927 bytes) Race History Graph
punkt.gif (927 bytes) Race History Graph (zoomed on leaders)


punkt.gif (927 bytes) GPL Replay Analyser version 7.9 - November 26, 2010 (1 706 kb installer)
punkt.gif (927 bytes) GPL Replay Analyser Readme.txt
punkt.gif (927 bytes) GPL Replay Analyser History.txt

























v3.66 - Anniversary Version












Contact information

Please report bugs, suggestions and other feedback to:

Please, do not send replay files to this address! If you think you've found a bug and want to send us a replay with which we can reproduce it, please contact us first.


Known Problems

This is a list of known bugs and other issues which might be useful to know when you are using our program to try to find out just why you aren't the world record holder at your favourite track.


Q: Some tracks are listed twice in PB-Viewer and Export Records, why is that?

A: This is caused by a somewhat corrupt "67season.ini" file. The tracks listed twice have incorrect "end of line" characters for the tracknames. To solve this you can edit your "67season.ini"(found in the "seasons" directory) in Notepad and remove the strange characters on those lines. How the "67season.ini" gets corrupted is unknown at this moment, it is probably caused by some track installer or track manager program.

Q: Are you going to do a similar program for Nascar 4, Nascar 2003 or Nascar 2003?

A: Yes, see NASCAR4 Replay Analyser, NASCAR2002 Replay Analyser and NASCAR2003 Replay Analyzer.

Q: Why isn't throttle and brake shown in the graph?

A: Throttle and brake positions are not stored in the replay file.

Q: How do I use GPL Replay Analyser to get times for ChallangeRank and all the other Ranks?

A: Update! From v5.0 there is a buttun in PB-Viewer for automatic upload to GPLRank. The old way via the ini-file can still be used as below:

  1. For addon tracks you must make sure you have a replay from when you set your fastest lap. That is the only way GPLRA can know what laptimes to use for addon tracks. It doesn't have to be a big replay, however it needs to cover a small part of the session the laptime was set.

  2. Run GPLRA and enter PB Viewer. Select the player to use if the default isn't correct.

  3. Click Display. Now GPLRA searches player.ini and scans all replays in \gpl\replays, alternative GPL path and any Replay CD databases you have created.

  4. Click Export to .ini and save the ini-file.

  5. Connect to GPLRank and upload that ini-file.

  6. Done! :)

Q:I get the error message "Can't find track for this replay!", why is that?

A: There are several possible reasons for this:

  1. The replay is for an addon track which you don't have installed

  2. You have moved your GPL directory after you installed GPL

  3. You have made multiple GPL installations but the last one you made is no longer there

The solution for 2 and 3 is to set the correct path to GPL in File->Settings.

Q: Is it possible to add <insert feature> for the next version?

A: We are planning to make new versions with more stuff added. If you have a wish/suggestion, drop us a mail so we know what features are most wanted.

Q: Isn't the name wrong, shouldn't it be ".. Analyzer" instead of ".. Analyser"?

A: It's up for debate, but according to this site (choose "analyse or analyze") you can spell it both ways. The most common way depends on what side of the pond you live.

Q: When I zoom in to a certain amount I get a blank screen and can't see the trackmap, why?

A: In version 2.0 we changed the design for the trackmap drawing. We wanted the scrolling/panning to be very fast. We accomplished this by predrawing the entire track in memory. So when you zoom in hard the trackmap takes up a huge amount of memory. So the reason you get a blank screen is that you don't have enough memory to zoom more. Click on "Show whole track" to get the track map back.

Q: I cannot load my replay lap into GPLRA, why?

A: GPLRA only loads complete replay laps, you cannot load a replay that only contains half a lap. To make sure GPLRA finds the lap 'complete', leave a couple of seconds before and after the car crosses start/finish line

Q: What decides if a lap is marked "Off Track"?

A: GPL decides, we simply read this info from the replay file. That is, this is our interpretation of some info found in the replay file. From testing it seems that a lap is marked "Off Track" if you drive with two wheels at any time on a surface other than asphalt.

Q: Why are some graphs empty when I choose them in the graph?

A: You are trying to analyse a lap set by someone else than the person who saved the replay. AI and multiplayer laps does not contain all necessary info.

Q: It somtimes take a very long time to run LapFinder, why?

A: If you have several GB of replays, either on the hard drive or on CDs, LapFinder can take a long time to run the first time. However, after the first run your computer ought to have the cached the information needed and it runs faster.

Q: Why did you do the 'race replayer thingy', after all GPL can show the replays as well?

A: True. But it is faster to Alt-Tab to Word/Excel from GPLRA than from GPL during those boring office hours when you are watching the latest league race... :) And it can give you another perspective of the races than you get from within GPL.

Q: I have another problem, what should I do?

A: Read the 'Known Problems' section above. If your problem isn't listed there, please contact us and describe you problem. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.